Quickstart Update

So, the quickstart is progessing well.  I held the first draft in my hands last night.  I am excited.  Eventhough Clint is writing most of the quickstart, some of the text came from the base text of Mecha so I feel a sense of have created part of itMaybe that’s just my ego talking.

We also have an artist busy illustrating the Quickstart with art that should find its way into the actual game, so that’s even more exciting.  Once that starts to filter in, I’ll post some of it here so you can see what excitement lies within.

As far as the writing goes, Quickstarts are odd creatures.  They’re more than just adventures with pregens.  The Quickstart Clint is writing is incredibly tightly focused on one small encounter.  Even the rules are pared down so that only what you absolutely need to play a few episodes is presented with footnotes saying that this section or that section has more detail in the real version.

Not that I’m unhappy at all.  I think Clint managed to capture how video games do playable demoes where you are thrown into one mission or one level with characters that have leveled.  That way you get to do cool stuff and see how the game works, but once you buy the real deal, you have to start at Level 1, just like everyone else.

All in all, I think it’s going to be successful and I know it shows off what Mecha is good at.  I can hardly wait.


~ by Chris Perrin on July 21, 2009.

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