Balancing Stats

Currently Messiah has four stats:

  • Create
  • Destroy
  • Control
  • Teach

Taken out of order, Destroy is your ability to attack other players.  Control is your ability to defend.  Create is your ability build yourself back up.  Teach is your ability to manipulate the Messiah’s message.

They all have a purpose, but yet in actual play, not all stats are that useful.  Create seems to be the whipping boy.  Despite the fact everyone tries to use it and it’s the key most people’s secondary victory conditions… everyone seemed to think it was useless.

Teach, on the other hand, everyone seemed to think was overpowered.   This may be in due to a large part of me perhaps having found an optimal strategy.

Ultimately, there are two ways to win.  Get more influence than everyone else or someone draws an Ace or a Joker and then whoever wins their secondary victory conditions wins.  However, currently both ways to gain Influence are tied to teach.  I think I need to change that.

My guess is that Destroy will be used to gain Influence (tear down the Messiah’s influence.)

I am also trying to make sure that Control (defense) is still important.  That part is still a little bothersome to me.


~ by Chris Perrin on July 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Balancing Stats”

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  2. Dear Chris,

    I would really like to acquire a copy of Messiah. Any chance of that?

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to hear from you


  3. Hey Chris, sure. Can you email me your contact info?

  4. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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