My In A Wicked Age Actual Play

I got to play In A Wicked Age with Matt Gandy, Ryan Macklin, and Lenny Balsera.  They let me come on board to play a quick one shot with them.

We started off with this set of strange Oracle: the gin, the anime episode, and the fedora.  I’m not entirely sure those are in the book.

But pretty much the game was derailed from the beginning…it wasn’t so much a one shot as it was an invitation to play in their ongoing game and it was just odd.

About 15 minutes into the game suddenly Matt breaks out “On what page are the intercept rules and how many D10s do I roll for them.”  I’m confused, intercept rules?

Then about halfway through Lenny starts handing out XP.  Apparently, Ryan hit his personal key of being an asshole (and wow was he…) and so for this Lenny decided to give him XP.  And for this apparently Ryan got enough XP to level up…and he took a prestige class?

Anyway, all in all, though I was invited back, I’m not entirely sure I’ll go back.  It was just strange.


~ by Chris Perrin on June 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “My In A Wicked Age Actual Play”

  1. It’s OK, Chris – eventually we found the Intercept rules.


    (Trying out my new ‘Dick Internet Poster’ Feat)

    – Ryan

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