Passions in NGHB

So I think I have a wacky idea for Passions in Neoborn Genesis Honor Blade.  A Passion reflects an aptitude or a skill or somethat that is derived from one’s desire to succeed at some particular task.  The idea being that in mecha anime, if I want to be best mecha pilot in the land, then chances are, I’m darn near the best mecha pilot in the land.

Passions will be fairly free form and each will come with a level.  So for instance:

  • I want to be a recognized Game Designer 3
  • I am the best Computer Programmer 1
  • I will meet Yvonne Strzechowski (watch Chuck, then you’ll understand) 3
  • I will keep my wife from reading my game design blog 8

So I have a mix of goals, desires, and aptitudes.  I am not sure I will subdivide them in the text as such, but basically I see passions breaking down into these categories, though I am trying to decide if there is a difference between a goal and desire.  I guess I see one (the goal) as more attainable.  In the above example, I want to be recognized Game Designer is a strong passion at 3, but I would classify it as a goal.  It is something that will likely come up in most scenes, throughout the course of play.

The passion to meet Yvonne Strzechowski and the subsequent need to keep my wife from reading this blog would then be desires.  They are flags I give to the GM that these are things that should happen in the arc, but I am fine if every episode is not centered around my quest to meet Yvonne.

How they’re used in play?  Well, that’s where things get interesting (let’s hope…)  Anytime I have an applicable passion, I can add one die to my pool.  And I think I mean anytime because anime characters tend to be passionate people.

Note that I said one die to my pool.  I didn’t say 3 in the case of Miss Strzechowski or 8 in the case of preventing the wife from knowing what I am up to.  You only get one.  Unless… you are ready to give up that passion and trade it in for something else.  In which case you get all your bonus dice for one roll, but then you have to scratch out the passion and write a new one.  So if I decide to burn not letting Tina find out, I get 8 dice.  But once I do, I no longer care about her finding out (in fact, this is a good helper for the GM who now has carte blanche to let her find out and make my life difficult.)  So I now have 8 points to invest in a new passion that needs to be in some way related to the old passion (either a new take or a complete opposite.  Either “I want to convince her I it’s just a design blog” or “I really want her to know.”)  Or something similiar.

I pulled this idea from my Sight and Sound game design contest entry and I think it works well here.


~ by Chris Perrin on September 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Passions in NGHB”

  1. I think this is a neat way to use Passions on two levels while tying growth or change to a mechanic. I would enjoy a string suggestion within this. For example, with the wife finding out Passion, if you burn all 8 dice for a roll, then the linked Passion suggestions would be a reversal (I want my wife to find out), an event change (my wife has died) or a shift (my wife found out and she’s totally into it).
    I like the freedom of creating Passions that you offer, but I sometimes find similar systems leave players out in the cold mechanically.

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