NGHB: The Idea

The idea behind Neoborn Genesis Honor Blade is to create a mecha anime game.  I know that there are several, so I am working to ensure I have my nitch.  Mecha games run the gamut from Robotech and BESM to games like Bliss Stage which are mecha anime, but with a decidedly different twist.

My interest lies in character-driven stories, which is one reason why I like longer running anime series.  The characters, who often start out as archtypes, wooden, caricatures and grow into fully realized people irrovacably changed by what they went through.  The crucible of combat, weirdness, and other anime activities has an effect on a character and that’s what I want to capture with the game.

I have other goals with the game as well:

  • Sweet combat.  I mean it is a mecha game, so I think that there has to be some cool combat.
  • I want to sell supplements.  I want the first book to be the core rules and then I want to sell supplements.
  • I am hanging on to archetype-based chargen.  More on this later.
  • I am thinking 4-5 attributes that change based on the archetype
  • No skills just passions
  • Passions can be swapped at anytime and perhaps compelled
  • Advancement is adding or increasing passions

That’s my shorthand for what I am going to do.


~ by Chris Perrin on September 27, 2007.

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